Build a Booty Guide



This guide is a 3 month, 3 day a week glute based workout guide, helping you specifically target your glutes and hamstrings.
I created the guide whilst helping my PT clients build their glutes, and all the exercises have been tried and tested for maximum results.
Once you have purchased it will be available to download immediately as a PDF which you can keep forever.
The guide includes:
-12 weeks worth of workouts
-Tips and tricks to help with the guide
-Food sources
-A 1 day sample meal plan to use as a guide (not for vegans or vegetarians)
-Compound lifts
-Accessory exercises
-Warm up page
-Cool down page
-Videos and written tutorial for each exercise (you will receive an email later on today where you can then access all the videos)
-A PDF log that you can print of and use to track your workouts
-Due to the nature of the product no refunds are available.