4 Week Body Sculpting Guide



I designed this 22 page gym based workout guide specifically for people wanting to progress their training in the gym,  whether you are a beginner or slightly more advanced. It is full of the staple exercises that are most beneficial when it comes to building muscle and can be used forever as a base for your training. Its always good to have a plan to follow and makes training so much more enjoyable!

I have also included a progression guide to help you with progressing your training once you have completed the guide. In it I explain and talk about super sets, drop sets, rest times, plyometrics and German volume training. You don’t have to add in these things straight after the 4 weeks, you can wait till you feel comfortable with your training before adding them in to your workouts!

The guide includes:

  • Tips and tricks for building muscle
  • Shopping list (all the foods that are most beneficial when it comes to building muscle in their different food groups). Protein, carbohydrates, fats and vitamins and minerals.
  • Warm ups for each body split day
  • 5 days of different body split training a week – a full leg day, back and biceps day, chest and abs, hamstrings and glutes, and a shoulder and tricep focused day.
  • Cardio examples (HIIT & LISS)
  • Video examples of each resistance training exercise
  • Pictures of each warm up
  • Progression guide
  • Once purchased guide will be available to download
  • Due to the nature of the product no refunds are available.

To access my pictures and videos of exercises simply sign into the guide videos section on my website (with the email and password you used to purchase the guide) where all the videos will be in order.